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Pet Services

Pet Services

Pets are family members too
Resthaven is proud to offer services for the pet members of our families, including Pet Cremation, our Petland Garden and Columbarium, and our new Garden of Faithful Friends, which uniquely allows for both pet and human family members.

Why offer services for pets?

Resthaven Memorial Gardens introduced the Petland garden in 1974, after many of our property owners expressed dismay that there were no satisfactory options concerning final arrangements for their pets. Due to city regulations, housing developments, homeowners associations etc..., digging a hole in the yard, was not a feasible option. In addition, as our society is more mobile, moving to new residences becomes more common.

Resthaven was also the first in our area to offer onsite cremation in 1986. As cremation became more requested amongst families we served, we added our pet crematory as well.

Resthaven has even made national news in recent years with our most recent extension of options for pet loving families, the Garden of Faithful friends. The Garden of Faithful Friends is nearly unique in its mission to offer an area for pets and their human family members to be interred together. Each space in the Garden of Faithful Friends is large enough to accommodate both a traditional burial for the pet “parent” as well as space for one’s pet(s), accommodating up to the largest size dogs. The bronze feature in the center of the garden symbolizes the unconditional love our pets have helped up know and cherish throughout the ages. All forms of internment, from traditional burial, cremation and even mausoleum entombment for families and pets is offered in this garden. 

Traditional Burial

Here at Resthaven we offer your beloved furry companion the same experience we would offer anyone. We understand and recognize the importance of memorializing all family members and have various customizable choices so that you can decide the best way for you to honor your forever friend.  

Private Cremation

Providing your pet with a respectable and private cremation is extremely important to us. We only perform cremations individually, never multiple pets in the same cremation chamber as some other pet crematories may do. Each pet that is brought into our care for cremation is accompanied by a unique identification tag from beginning to end. Your pet is then gently transferred into the urn selected by the family, at which point you can choose to arrange an inurnment for them at Resthaven.