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Brief Overview

All over the world, the choice of entombment inside a Mausoleum is steeped in tradition.

In Biblical times, tombs were already used by the more prosperous, who prepared them well in advance of their demise. The story of Joseph of Arimathea, honoring Jesus with the use of his tomb in the New Testament, is an illustration of this.

Pharaohs in ancient Egypt had great pyramids constructed to serve as their tombs in advance of their deaths.The Taj Mahal was already known as one of the most beautiful tombs in the world. The ancient Catacombs of Rome, the tombs inside Westminster Abby, the Vatican, and the tomb of the Unknown Soldier were Mausoleums to follow, and have become famous monuments in their own right.

Today, with modern construction, and efficient use of space, mausoleum entombment is no longer reserved only for the wealthiest of society. It allows for a casket to be permanently sealed in an above ground enclosure, therefore not exposed to the natural elements of a ground burial.

The mausoleum, itself, is constructed of reinforced concrete, and faced with beautiful, polished granite or marble fronts on the exterior. The crypts inside are ventilated, allowing the area to stay dry. When an entombment is made, the casket is placed on a liner inside the crypt, the vents are opened, and the crypt is then sealed from the outside, no longer exposed to the elements. The front of the crypt is put back in place, and names, birth and death dates or other information can be memorialized with bronze letters. In some cases, this information can be chiseled into the polished stone.

Types of Mausoleums

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Private Estates

Portions of the gardens at Resthaven Memorial Gardens have been designated for exclusive family estates. When you work with us to plan your own private estate, you determine how you want to design your space. You have an option to create a lawn area for ground burial, design a niche garden, have your own mausoleum constructed, or choose a combination of the above. Special ten-year financial terms are available for these exclusive, permanent structures and gardens. For more information about creating a custom private estate for your family, please click here or call 301-898-7177

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Indoor Chapel Mausoleum

In 2000 Resthaven completed the construction of central Maryland’s most elaborate Indoor Chapel Mausoleum. Built with marble hand picked from Carrerra Italy, and featuring exclusive works from famous local artists, our chapel provides a beautiful, climate controlled sanctuary for visitation and reflection. The chapel is often used for committal services, when weather outside is unforgiving. Some people prefer the idea of their remains, or that of their family members, being placed in a Mausoleum to having their remains interred in the ground. With a Mausoleum such as this, a family can be provided the comfort of a comfortable and exclusive indoor place to come and reflect, with out the expense of building a Private Mausoleum. In fact, when total costs are considered, community Mausoleums such as the ones we offer are quite comparable with the cost associated with a traditional ground burial.

Carrara marble has been famous since the time of Ancient Rome; the Pantheon and Trajan's Column in Rome are constructed of it. Many famous sculptures of the Renaissance, such as Michelangelo's David, were carved from Carrara marble. For Michelangelo at least, Carrara marble was valued above all else, except perhaps that of his own quarry in Pietrasanta. Marble Arch in London and the Duomo di Siena are also made from this well regarded stone.

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Glass Front Niches

Inside our beautiful Chapel Mausoleum, Resthaven features central Maryland’s first and only permanently lit glass-front niches. These niches feature the sanctuary of our chapel and allow for elaborate personalization with pictures and other items inside the niche. Both individual and companion niches are offered, and granite front niches are offered outside the mausoleum.

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Outdoor Mausoleum

Resthaven began construction on its first Outdoor Mausoleum in 1976. Rainbow Granite, known for its elaborate colors, was chosen for this beautiful structure. This exclusive granite is so desirable that it is rarely used in such structures today. The Garden Mausoleum features a courtyard setting in the center, which is under shelter, and is often used for committal and memorial services. This area is also holds some cremation niches. These four buildings are nearing 100% ownership, with a select few Mausoleum crypts and niches available, as more families continue to see the wisdom, forethought, and savings through pre-arrangement. The outside of our gorgeous chapel mausoleum, also features crypts and niches. These beautiful outdoor crypts offer the exclusive elements of the indoor chapel mausoleum at a lower cost.  

To view our general price list please Contact Us, or call 301-898-7177.

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