Resthaven offers a variety of plans which help people choose to make memorialization arrangements for themselves, or others in advance. Our plans are offered to everyone desiring protection for themselves and their family, regardless of the type of services desired, or financial situation.


Resthaven's family protection plan, for more then 50 years, has helped families and individuals freeze the cost, and remove the burden from loved ones of making final arrangement decisions. Those who had the wisdom and foresight 30 to 40 years ago to pre-plan, now own deeded property and other needed items that cost them 20 to 30 times less then the same arrangements would cost them today. Most importantly however, the Family Protection Plan provides for permanent memorialization, while allowing these choices to be made amongst the living, with a clear mind, and the ability to ask each other how we would like to be remembered.

Whether one's preference is for Traditional Burial, Entombment inside the Mausoleum, Cremation Memorialization, or any combination, Resthaven's Family Protection Plan can secure your wishes, and forever protect these costs from inflation. You will have deeded property which is tax exempt, and is even transferable, dollar for dollar, in the event of a move more then 75 miles away.


The value plan® was created by Resthaven as a practical and affordable way to ensure the heavy burden of funeral costs and the selection process do not fall on the ones we care about most. We offer this plan to be used at ANY funeral home of your choice.

You may find a particular gain in service and value in choosing to pre-plan your funeral with Resthaven Funeral Services, Skkot Cody P.A. For a specific quote for the Value Plan® Funeral Expense Funding please click here.

Resthaven's Value Plan® is a funeral expense funding plan that is cost specific to age, and physical condition factors that effect the monthly, or total cost. NO ONE is turned away, regardless of any medical or physical condition. Plans do very according to your specific needs

Please fill out our Pre-planning form to get started on protecting yourself  and /or your family from debilitating "final expense" costs, or call us anytime at:  301-898-7177.