Resthaven is pleased to offer a number of beautiful gardens that spread across our 90 acres, thirty of which are currently developed.

Garden of Devotion

garden-of-devotion-overview.jpgA non denominational garden, the Garden of Devotion sits adjacent to the Garden of St. John and the first Veterans Garden. In the center is a three-dimensional panel of Carerra marble, which depicts the image of a father holding a shield to protect a mother with a child in her arms and another at her feet. The devotion of a father to his family is the source of the garden's name. Garden of Devotion.


Garden Of St. John

st.johns-garden-statue.jpgThis is our Catholic garden. It features a statue of the apostle John, made of Carrera Marble.

Carrera Marble, is named for its source, in Carrera Italy. 

Considered the finest marble in the world, it comes from the same quarries that supplied Michaelangelo with his marble for sculpting.



Garden of the Christus

garden-of-the-christus.jpgIn the center of this garden, atop a ascending stepped brick platform, is a nine-foot tall statue of Jesus. It is made from Carerra Marble. This was the first Garden at Resthaven. It was designed with a circular shape, and resides in the middle of the cemetery.  A cross of mature hedges separates each of the sections in this garden


Garden of the Cross

garden-of-the-cross.jpgThe Garden of the Cross is among the most recognizable gardens in the cemetery, due to the well kept hedges in the form of a cross, which is especially visible from US Route 15 North. 




 Garden of Memory I, II, and III

burial-gardens8.jpgThe Garden of Memory is our Lawn Crypt Section, meaning this garden consists of grass topped crypts in both double depth and side by side configurations. 

These gardens are also multi denominational, adhering to no particular religious theme.

In the Garden of Memory I, a giant bronze sundial, called a heliochronometer, sits atop a pillar of stones. The arrow of the dial points towards the north star. 

One of our newer gardens, Memory III features a fountain, decorative wall and a courtyard, making this garden especially distinctive.


Garden of Solomon

burial-gardens10.jpgThis section is the only dedicated Jewish burial ground in Frederick county. We work with local rabbis of area congregations to serve the requirements of our Jewish community.

We provide the elements required of the cemetery for a traditional Jewish burial. Small stones are available at the gate to leave in lieu of flowers .


Scattering Gardens 


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