Clark Vaults – how they work

There are many factors that go into making Clark Grave Vaults the finest metal vaults in the world. See for yourself why they are so special.

How they work

Understanding the physics at work in every Clark vault is important to know, as it guarantees the protection of the casket inside it from water and other elements through the use of an air seal principle. This can be easily demonstrated by turning a glass upside down and then submerging the glass into water. The air trapped inside the glass prevents the water from rising more than a fraction of an inch. The same is true of a non-porous Clark metal vault. The air trapped inside the dome prevents outside water from reaching the casket.


Clark vaults will will withstand the weight of the ground above them even after 90% of the metal has been leached away by the ground around it. Depending on the Clark Vault selected, that equates to a minimum of over 100 years, on up to well over 500 years